MSc Zoology Syllabus & Subjects For 1st & 2nd Year 2022

 MSc Zoology Syllabus & Subjects:

Mentioned below are the M.Sc Zoology courses covering all the subjects. The M.Sc Zoology syllabus course is broken down into 2 years and 4 semesters.

MSc Zoology Syllabus - Semester I 

  • Structure and Functions of Non-chordates
  • Ecological theories and applications
  • Genetics and Genetic Engineering
  • Tissue structure Function and Chemistry
  • Parasites and Immunity
  • Laboratory course

MSc Zoology Syllabus - Semester II

  • Structure and Functions of Chordates
  • Comparative Animal Physiology
  • Endocrinology and Neuroscience
  • Cell and Receptor Biology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular biology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular biology

MSc Zoology Syllabus - Semester III

  • Taxonomy and Biodiversity
  • Evolution and Animal Behaviour
  • Development and Differentiation
  • Laboratory course
  • Elective I Theory
  • Elective I Practical

MSc Zoology Syllabus - Semester IV

  • Conservation Biology and Wildlife
  • Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Instrumentation
  • Biotechnology and Applications
  • Laboratory course (1 module)
  • Elective II Theory
  • Elective II Practical
  • Seminar and Dissertation or Review

MSc Zoology Subjects List For 1st Year

  • Biochemical and biophysical techniques
  • Biomolecules and metabolism
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Taxonomy and Invertebrate Studies
  • Workshop on Bioinstrumentation
  • Zoology Lab
  • Insect biology and Physiology
  • Seminar

MSc Zoology Subjects List For 2nd Year

  • Biology of Immune System
  • Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
  • Research Methodology
  • Zoology Lab 2
  • Analytical Skills
  • Drosophila Genetics
  • Finfish Biology and breeding Management
  • Fish Nutrition and Feed technology
  • Insect Pest Management
  • Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

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