B Pharm Syllabus 2022 | B Pharmacy Subjects, Syllabus Download PDF

B Pharm Syllabus: B Pharmacy is a career oriented course which mainly focuses on teaching students about the fundamentals and key details of medicines, drugs, their management and functionality. It is mainly pursued by those willing to open their medical stores or looking for research opportunities.

B Pharm Syllabus - A Complete Guide About B Pharmacy Syllabus And Subjects

Major B Pharmacy subjects which students need to study in almost every college include Pharmaceutics, Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Human Anatomy. Some of the top B Pharmacy colleges in India also cover other important subjects like:

1.Mathematics and Statistics

2.Computer Applications

3.Industrial Management

4.Pharmaceutical Marketing

A collective study of these courses help in complete grooming of the students for the pharmacy sector. The core subjects give the main knowledge they need to understand the basics of medicine and research related to it. In addition, the additional subjects like those mentioned above in bullets train them to build a better market and better research postulates.

B.Pharmacy Quick facts About Syllabus

Some of the most crucial points about B.Pharmacy course are,

Important subjects: Mathematics, Computer Applications, Pharmaceutical Marketing

Important Books: Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Practical Human Anatomy and Physiology

B.Pharmacy Subjects

We have curated a list of subjects and syllabus which are commonly covered in B Pharmacy curriculum in most of the pharmacy colleges in India. Please note that this is not the exact structure you will get to study in every college of India.

The B Pharmacy syllabus varies from college to college as different institutes have different purposes. Some colleges focus more on research aspects while some devote time to practical knowledge.

For this syllabus mentioned below, we have referred to the official university website of Punjabi University, Patiala.

B.Pharmacy Theory Subjects Syllabus Details

This table mentions the theoretical subjects included in the syllabus of B Pharmacy subjects.

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester I


Semester I


Pharmaceutics-I (General and Dispensing Pharmacy)


Pharmaceutical Analysis-I


Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry


Remedial Maths and Biology


Mathematics and Statistics

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester II


Semester II


Pharmaceutics-II (Unit Operations)


Organic Chemistry


Computer Applications


Human Anatomy Physiology


Human Anatomy Pathophysiology

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester III


Semester III


Pharmaceutics-III (Physical Pharmaceutics)


Heterocyclic and Natural Products Chemistry




Pharmacognosy and Natural Products-I

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester 1V


Semester 1V


Pharmaceutics-IV (Cosmeticology)




Microbiology and Immunology


Pharmacognosy and Natural Products-II

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester V


Semester V


Pharmaceutics-V (Biological Pharmacy)


Medicinal Chemistry-I


Pharmacognosy and Natural Products-III


Industrial Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester VI


Semester VI


Pharmaceutics-VI (Pharmaceutical Technology 1)




Hospital Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical Analysis-II

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester VII


Semester VII


Pharmaceutics-VII (Pharmaceutical Technology 2)




Medicinal Chemistry-II


Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology

B Pharm Syllabus For Semester VIII


Semester VIII


Pharmaceutics-VIII (Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics)




Pharmaceutical Analysis-III


Forensic Pharmacy

B Pharm Syllabus PDF - Download PDF For B Pharmacy Detailed Syllabus


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