B.A subject - A Complete Guide About BA All Subjects

BA Subject: Today we will know how many subjects are there in B.A? (Ba me kitne subject hote hai) How many subjects can you choose in B.A.? Or what are the subjects in B.A?

Not every student wants to study science or commerce, there are also many students who want to study in the field of arts after 10th. Friends, if you have also chosen arts stream after 10th, then after completion of 12th you can do b.a. from any good college in the field of degree. And maybe after that m.a. want to get a degree.

BA Subject - A Complete Guide  About All BA Subjects

Many students who have completed 12th who are going to pursue b.a. Those who want to take admission in B.A., are either not fully aware of it or they are confused about which subjects they have the option to choose from in B.A. (ba me kaun sa subject le), how many subjects we can study and remain confused about how many years BA course is, how many semesters are there in it etc.

Today in this article we are going to answer some asked questions related to BA course (Arts Mein kitne subject hote hain) and mainly what subjects you can study during BA course. , etc. will be discussed.

b.a. For admission in this your qualification must be 10+2. B.a. For admission, you must have at least 50% marks in your subject in 12th. Apart from this, some percent relaxation is also given to Cast Wise SC ST.

Which subjects are there in Arts or BA?

To get the right knowledge in arts also, you must be interested in your particular subject and have a desire to get all the information related to it. Arts is not at all less or less than science and commerce. Friends, if we talk about the subjects available in BA course, then there is an option to choose from more than 20 subjects in B.A. All these subjects are as follows-

B.A All subject list

  • Hindi Literature
  • English literature
  • Hindi General
  • English general
  • Environmental studies
  • Elementary Computer
  • political science
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • physical education
  • public administration
  • Sanskrit
  • Rajasthani
  • economics
  • Home Science
  • Defense and strategic studies
  • Fine Arts and Painting Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Mathematics statistics Jeevan Vigyan & Jain Vidhya
  • social work

What are the subjects in BA or Arts?

Now we know about all the subjects in full detail that what we have to study in these subjects. (B.A Mein kon kon se subject hote hain) And you all must know that both Arts and B.A are the same course. Now we have learned about it from which subjects are PA, now we will know in detail about the subject of B.A.

Complete BA Subjects Full Details 

1. BA Hindi Literature Subject

In Hindi Literature, you are taught in detail about the Hindi language. If you really like Hindi which is our mother tongue and you want to study it deeply, then Hindi Literature is a better option. You should read Hindi literature to establish a good understanding of real Hindi.

Within Hindi Literature, you will get an opportunity to study Hindi story, poetry, drama articles and especially Hindi grammar in depth. By choosing it, the knowledge of Hindi literature will increase in you and it is for the knowledge of Hindi language.

2. BA English literature Subject

As you all know English is a very useful language in today's time if you are a b.a. If I choose English literature, then this will give you a good understanding of English language literature and its grammar. With English literature one can become a teacher, writer or researcher etc. Apart from this, English has a lot of use in other areas as well.

This will develop your ability to understand novels written in English around the world. It includes English novels, poetry plays etc. B.a. In this, you have to read it for 3 years, in it every year there are different books and in 1 year you have to take the exam of its 2 papers generally.

3. BA Hindi General Subject

General Hindi is a little different from Hindi literature, in this you will get some basic things of Hindi like Hindi grammar, suffixes, prefixes, sentences, story idioms etc. If you choose General Hindi, then like Hindi Literature, you do not need to give two papers of it every semester.

For taking Hindi General, only one paper has to be given in X semester. Friends, if you take a Hindi channel in BA, you have to study it along with your core subject.

4. BA English general Subject

English General is also slightly different from English Literature like Hindi General. If you choose English General, then you have to study it with your core subject like Hindi General.

Like Hindi General, in this also you need to give only two papers of the year. In English General, you have to study a little differently from English Literature, where in English Literature you have to study the English language deeply, while choosing English General, you are taught the basics of English.

5. BA Environmental studies Subject

In Environmental Studies, you are taught things related to the environment, in which the environment is explained in detail. Nowadays environmental studies have been included in my list in almost all colleges.

If you take Environmental Studies under company regular course then you will get B.A. Normally 2-2 papers have to be given in all the three years. If you have taken your Room in Mental Studies as a general subject then you will study it along with your core subject and in that you need to give only one paper every semester.

6. BA Elementary Computer Subject

In this topic you are given all the basic computer information. Elementary computer means basic computer. If you do BA then you will have to study Elementary i.e. Basic Computer compulsorily but it needs to be passed like general subject i.e. once in 1 year.

In this subject, you are given information about the basic functions of the computer, input output and its hardware etc.

7. BA Political Science Subject

Political Science is one of the first choice for those who listen to BA. As we all know from the name itself that in Political Science you are taught about politics and all kinds of things related to it. We teach Political Science from the lower classes.

In this you are taught about things like democracy, election system, how court works, what is impeachment, election of government, various political and small parties etc. If you want to make a career in politics, then by choosing Political Science, you can understand the method of fighting China etc. In every year of Political Science, you get to read different parts of it.

8. BA Sociology Subject

Sociology means sociology. If you want to study the society in which you live, then you should choose sociology. Students interested in doing social work choose sociology.

In this, you get an opportunity to read about the society like the origin of society, the caste system in the society and the structure of the society etc. Almost every college has b.a. There is sociology. Sometimes we study sociology from the lower class also.

9. BA History Subject

Students who are interested in history, who like to read the history of themselves and others, BMA History is not for them. If you want to get BA in History i.e. Bachelor of Arts degree, then you have to study for 3 years during your course from it. and general subject

In a semester, two or three papers will have to be given. Along with this, you can also choose the general subject of your choice, which you will have to study along with it.

10. BA Philosophy Subject

Inside Philosophy is taught about philosophical analysis. In this, you are made to study in detail things like knowledge, existence and reality etc.

in Philosophy Students interested in Philosophy who wish to become a philosopher or do work related to Philosophy choose Philosophy during their BA course. Things like description and analysis of pedagogical point of view, etc. come under Philosophy. This topic is for students interested in the field of Philosophy.

11. BA Geography Subject

Geography means the study of things related to land or land.

If you have been interested in geography since your lower work, you enjoy reading it, if you want to know in detail about various land sites, mountains, forest, environment and other events happening on the ground, then during your BA course, you can study Geography. Will choose

You must have seen maps in lower classes, if you are interested in all those things, you want to study them deeply, then geography is the right option for you.

12. BA Psychology Subject

Psychology means psychology In today's stressful era, everyone needs the advice of a good psychologist. By choosing psychology, you can make a career in the field of psychology. Psychology is the study of mind and brain.

There are also many branches within psychology which are based on some different things related to it. Especially in today's time the demand of psychologist has increased a lot and remains a popular topic among all.

13. BA Physical Education Subject

As the name suggests, physical education is related to our physical health. B.a. You can also opt for Off Physical Education. During this, you are taught about different types of exercises like physical education, yoga and exercise, how the body can be kept healthy etc.

In this, strengthening the muscles, strengthening the bones, diabetes and other diseases like them, and things related to health are told. If you are interested in these things to take good care of health and health and how to make good health, then you can choose physical education.

14. BA Public administration Subject

You can choose Public Administration i.e. Public Administration as a subject of BF Film BF. Simply put, if you are interested in civil services, then you can choose Public Administration.

Public administration is the implementation of government policy and is also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants to serve in the public service. Public administration gives you information about administration and how it works.

15. BA Sanskrit Subject

As we all know Sanskrit is one of the oldest language in the world, if you are interested in Sanskrit then you can go for B.a. You can also take further studies in Sanskrit. It is the primary literary language and also the main language of most works of Hindu philosophy.

Although Sanskrit is a bit difficult as compared to other languages, but those interested in it become eligible to make a career in other fields like teachers and researchers.

16. BA Rajasthani Subject

If you belong to Rajasthan region then Rajasthani should also be eligible for your B.A. Can choose as a main subject in the course. However, not all colleges have this facility because it is obvious that students of every region do not know the Rajasthani language.

Both the national academies of India, the Sahitya Akademi and its University Grants Commission have recognized Rajasthani as a separate language, and it is taught in colleges in cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur, etc.

17. BA Economics Subject

Friends, in today's time, there is a great need of a good economist i.e. a person who has good knowledge of economics. You can make a better future by doing BA in Economics. Economics is mainly concerned with money, transaction of money, market and other activities related to market.

Studying the market, the economic condition of the country, import export, demand and supply is the subject of those interested in economics. By gaining the right knowledge and experience in this, you can also setup your business, you can also become an economist in the future.

18. BA Home science Subject

Home science includes not only cooking, but also cooking, nutrition, home economics, consumer science, child-rearing, human development, interior decoration, clothing and apparel, home-building, etc.

Home Science basically tells everything related to your family. How to keep the house organized, how clothes etc. live and the satisfaction of every member of the family is included in the aarti.

19. BA Defense and strategic studies Subject

In this, you are taught about the policies related to defense i.e. security protection, their functioning. Students interested in the field of defense can choose Defense and Strategic Studies.

If you want to join NDA and Army such students, then Defense and Strategic Studies helps you in this. B.a. I also study this subject.

20. BA Fine Arts and Painting Journalism & Mass Communication Subject

Things like radio, TV, printing media and internet are studied under this subject. Apart from all these things, journalism, mass communication etc. including graphics, multimedia, animation, visual arts, PR and advertising, film studies, painting and photography are also studied in it. Inside it after B.A. M.A. And after that PhD can also be done.

21. BA Mathematics Statistics Jeevan Vigyan & Jain Vidhya Subject

It is also called Science of Living. In this, things like the process of bringing changes inside the habits and nature of the human being are understood.

Through this, an attempt is made to bring positive thoughts in the life of the people. In life science, we are made aware of our responsibilities by making us aware of things like our morality.

22. BA Social work Subject

If you see yourself as a social worker in future then you can choose this subject. Social Work Any social work also requires necessary knowledge and experience, and you are taught about all these in it.

It leads the students to render their services without any selfishness in the society. In this, social welfare policy, methods of social work research, social work practice etc. are taught.

Today we know how many subjects are there in B.A? (BA subject list) or which subjects are there in B.A? (BA me kon kon sa subject hota hai)

For any query regarding BA Subject, you can feel free to message us in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.


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