BSc Computer Science Syllabus & Subject List PDF 2023

BSc Computer Science syllabus covers all the important aspects to train the students to make a career in the computer science and software industry. The course curriculum of this course is divided into 6 semesters.

Classroom lectures, industrial visits, guest lectures, internship training, project work are some of the important delivery methods and important training provided to the students. The BSc computer science syllabus across the top colleges in India and BSc distance education is almost the same. 

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BSc Computer Science Syllabus Details

Here is a detailed syllabus of BSc Computer Science that is followed across the Top BSc Computer Science colleges in India. 

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For Semester I

  • Introduction to Digital Electronics
  • Basics of Computer Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Foundation course in Mathematics
  • Functional English-I

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For Semester II

  • Front Office Management
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization
  • Fundamental of Open Source Software-LINUX
  • Value and Ethics

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For Semester III

  • Object-Oriented Programming using C++
  • Operating Systems concepts
  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • System Analysis and design
  • Technical Writing
  • Analytical Skill Development-I

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For Semester IV

  • Database Management Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Network
  • Numerical Analysis
  • System Programming
  • Report Writing(Yantra)
  • Analytical Skill Development-II

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For Semester V

  • Python programming
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Personality Development Program
  • Mini Project-I

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For Semester VI

  • Introduction to Web Technology
  • Project Work

BSc Computer Science Syllabus Details

BSc Computer Science syllabus consists of Core subjects, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC), Skill Enhancement Course (SEC), and Elective: Discipline-Specific DSE.

BSc Computer Science Syllabus (6 credits)

  • Problem Solving using Computer
  • Operating System
  • Database Management Systems
  • Computer System Architecture

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For  Discipline Specific Elective Papers (6 credits)

  • Programming in JAVA
  • Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Mining
  • E-Commerce Technologies
  • Project Work / Dissertation
  • Discrete Structures
  • Software Engineering
  • Internet Technologies
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cloud Computing

BSc Computer Science Syllabus For  Skill Enhancement Courses (2 credits)

  • Office Automation Tools
  • PHP Programming
  • System Administration and Maintenance
  • Software Testing Concepts
  • XML Programming
  • HTML Programming
  • Multimedia and Applications
  • Programming in Visual Basic/GAMBAS
  • Programming in SCILAB
  • Android Programming
  • R Programming

BSc Computer Science Year-wise Subjects

BSc Computer Science degree course is a 3 year course. The subjects are divided along the three years keeping in mind the ability of the students to grasp the knowledge more effectively. The year wise break down of the BSc Computer Science syllabus is mentioned below:

 BSc Computer Science Subjects Syllabus For First Year

  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Digital Fundamentals
  • C Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Structure
  • Basics of Computer Science
  • Mathematical Foundation
  • Computer Science Applications

BSc Computer Science Subjects Syllabus For Second Year

  • Computer Networks
  • Visual Programming
  • Visual Basic
  • Oracle
  • Software Engineering
  • Java Programming
  • Java
  • Digital Advancement

BSc Computer Science Subjects Syllabus For Third Year

  • C++
  • Programming Lab
  • Operating System
  • Java
  • Java Programming
  • System Software & Operating System
  • Software testing
  • Visual Programming 2
  • Advanced Computer Networks

BSc Computer Science Subjects Details With Syllabus Topics

Introduction to Computers

Evolution of Computers, Generation of Computers, Classification of Computers Analog Digital and Hybrid Computers, Classification of Computers according to size, Supercomputers, Mainframe Computers, Personal Computers (Different Types) and Terminals (Different Types), Characteristics of Computers, Block Diagram of a Digital Computer, types of OS.

Input / Output Devices

Input Devices-Keyboard, Mouse, Output Devices – VDU, Printers. Internet, Multimedia, Computer viruses

Introduction to Programming Concepts

Types of Programming Languages, software, Classification of software, Application software and System Software, Structured Programming, Algorithms and Flowcharts with Examples

Introduction to Number system and codes

Different number systems and their conversions (Decimal, Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal), 1’s Complement and 2’s complement, Floating Point numbers, Coding – BCD, Gray, ASCII

Disk Operating System'

Introduction to DOS Commands. Types of DOS Commands Wild Card Character in DOS Directory Related Commands. File Related Commands and Utilities. Filters & Redirection, Batch file.

Introduction of Windows, Features, Application

MS Windows, and its various elements of application windows title bar, menu bar, maximize and close buttons, borders and corners, scroll bars, windows icon, folder icons, dialog box and its items, starting Microsoft windows, searching the files, copying the files, disk cleanup, deleting unnecessary files

Introduction to C

History of C, Structure of a C program. The C character set, Constants, Variables and keywords, Data type. Types of constants and variables. Type declaration and arithmetic instructions, Operators in C, Hierarchy of operators, control instructions, InputOutput statements in C (Formatted and Unformatted)

Control Structures

Decision control structures, Logical operators, conditional operators and relational operators. Loop control structures –while, do-while, for loop, Break statement, Continue statement, switch-case control structure, goto statement Bitwise operators Bitwise AND, OR, exclusive OR, compliment, right shift and left shift operators


One dimensional and multidimensional array, declaration, initialization and array Manipulations, sorting (Bubble sort) Strings – Basic Concepts, Library Functions.


Definition, function definition and prototyping, types of functions, type of arguments, Recursion, passing arrays to functions, storage class in C-automatic, register, external and static variables.

FAQ About Bsc Computer Science Syllabus

Ques: What are some of the subjects in BSc Computer Science?

Ans: The common subjects included in the curriculum of BSc Computer Science are:

  • Basics of Computer Science
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • System Programming

Ques: Is Maths compulsory for BSc Computer Science?

Ans: Maths is usually considered a compulsory subject in Class 12 to pursue this course since it makes it easier for the students to pursue this score.

Ques: Is BSc Computer Science hard?

Ans: BSc Computer Science can be difficult for students with no to little programming background. If you are genuinely interested in learning the basic aspects of programming and computer science, then it might not be difficult for you. It may be difficult in the beginning, but after learning a few basic concerts you will get a hang of it.

Ques: What are the jobs after BSc Computer Science?

Ans: Some of the jobs that you can get after this course can be in the field of computer science and programming such as IT Analyst, Software Developer, Network Engineer, System Engineer, Computer Operator, Technical Assistant, Technical Engineer, Technical Writer, etc.

  • Python Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming using C++

For any query regarding BSC Computer Science Syllabus, you can feel free to message us in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.


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