DCA Syllabus 2022: Diploma in Computer Application Syllabus PDF Download

DCA Syllabus: DCA or Diploma in Computer Application is a one year diploma program, which is usually divided into two semesters and students are also required to submit a project work on a given relevant topic in their last semester.

From introducing computers, project management to operating systems, computer graphics and even more, DCA covers all the aspects of computers to make a student industry-worthy.

DCA Syllabus 2022

Below mentioned is the detailed semester wise syllabus and topics covered in DCA that one can check to know what the course has stored in for them. However, there can be variations in syllabus depending on the university chosen.

DCA Syllabus Divided In Two Semester. Both Semester Syllabus Given Below.

DCA Syllabus For Semester 1

Computer fundamentals - Functions, applications, classification and components of computer, various types of devices and concepts of windows in detail

Office Automation - Aspects of Microsoft tools in details like MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, etc.

Network Fundamentals - Network devices, types of networks, internet and intranet and network protocols and anti-virus

Web design - Working of HTML in detail, phrase tags, meta tags, hyperlinks and frame management

Java Script - Basics of JavaScript, JavaScript Syntax, placing JavaScript, cookies, page redirection, dialog box and xml fundamentals

DCA Syllabus For Semester 2

Database System - Data models, rdbms, table design, key, data definition language, data control language SQL queries

App development - Introduction to programming, PHP basics, PHP advanced, PHP database connectivity,PHP database management

Project work - Related to web designing, using PHP, MySQL AND reports will be supplied

For any query regarding DCA Syllabus, you can feel free to message us in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.


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