UKG Syllabus 2023 (CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB)

UKG Syllabus for CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB: Parents who are looking for UKG syllabus for their child can refer to this article. On this page, we have provided UKG Syllabus followed by many boards, like CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB, etc. The main objective of UKG Classes Syllabus is to help preschoolers learn social behaviour. , natural learning behavior, etc.

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The UKG or KG2 curriculum consists of four major subjects - English, Mathematics, Environmental Issues and General Curriculum. In this article, we will provide you all the necessary information about UKG/KG 2 syllabus followed by major boards like ICSE, CBSE etc. Read on to know more about the latest UKG syllabus.

Syllabus For KG Class: UKG Syllabus 2023

Before getting into the details of the UKG Syllabus, let’s have a look at the list of subjects in UKG or KG 2:


S. NO.














General Awareness




Environmental Science

UKG Syllabus for English (CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB)

The UKG English Syllabus followed by CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB is as under:

1. Letters (AA-ZZ)

  • a) Article (A/An)
  • b) Identification
  • c) Objects Related to Letters
  • d) One-Many
  • e) Positions
  • f) Rhyming Words
  • g) Sound of Letters
  • h) This-That & These–Those
  • i) Vowel Words
  • j) Vowels and Consonants

2.Reading Words and Sentences Aloud. Having Social Conversations

3.Use of Genie Board, Flashcards, Oral Interaction, Written Work, Worksheets, Storytelling and Enactment.

4.Picture Composition, Making Sentences with Certain Words or Structure and Use of ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘under’ in Sentences.

5.Revision of the English Language Basics.

UKG Syllabus for Maths or Mathematics (CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB)

The CBSE or ICSE UKG Mathematics Syllabus is as under:

1. Pre-Maths Concepts

  • a) Big-Small
  • b) Front – Back
  • c) Full-Empty
  • d) Heavy-Light
  • e) In-Out
  • f) More-Less
  • g) Right- Left
  • h) Same-Different
  • i) Tall-Short
  • j) Thick-Thin
  • k) Top – Bottom

2. Pre-Maths Concepts

  • a) Big-Small
  • b) Front – Back
  • c) Full-Empty
  • d) Heavy-Light
  • e) In-Out
  • f) More-Less
  • g) Right- Left
  • h) Same-Different
  • i) Tall-Short
  • j) Thick-Thin
  • k) Top – Bottom

3. Numbers (1-200)

  • a) 1 digit Addition
  • b) 1 digit Subtraction
  • c) Addition and Subtraction without Objects or Pictures
  • d) Before, After, Between Number (1-100)
  • e) Count and Write, Colour and Match
  • f) Forward and Backward Counting (1-50)
  • g) Money
  • h) Number Names (1-50)
  • i) Picture Addition
  • j) Picture Subtraction
  • k) Putting Signs like ‘>’, ‘<’ and ‘=’
  • l) Simple Addition & Subtraction Using Objects
  • m) Skip Counting 2 & 5
  • n) Time
  • o) Writing

4. Shapes

  • a) Circle
  • b) Diamond
  • c) Oval
  • d) Rectangle
  • e) Semi-Circle
  • f) Square
  • g) Triangle

5. Colours

  • a) Black, White, Pink (Shades – Light & Dark)
  • b) Orange, Green, Purple (Shades – Light & Dark)
  • c) Red, Yellow, Blue (Shades – Light & Dark)

UKG Syllabus for General Awareness (CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB)

The UKG Syllabus for General Awareness is as under:

A. Myself

  • Parts of Body
  • Sense Organs
  • My Home
  • Seasons
  • My Family
  • My School
  • Summer
  • Rainy
  • Winter

B. Transport

  • Land
  • Water
  • Air

C. Animals

  • Wild Animals
  • Domestic Animals
  • Pet Animals
  • Farm
  • Water
  • Animals and Their Sounds
  • Animals and Their Young Ones

UKG Syllabus for Environmental Science (CBSE, ICSE, ISE, SSC, Cambridge, IB)

The UKG Environmental Science Syllabus is as under:

  • A visit to a police station or post office
  • Introduction to air, water and sound pollution
  • Introduction to traffic rules and safety
  • Project on collecting a few living and non-living things
  • Talking about all types of transport as well as proving a demonstration in vehicles

UKG Syllabus for Hindi PDF

The CBSE UKG Syllabus for Hindi Language is listed below:

  • स्वर (अ-अः)
  • व्यंज़न (क-ज्ञ)
  • मात्राओ का ज्ञान (अ-अः)
  • व्यंज़न (क-ज्ञ) मात्राऍ लगाना ।
  • एक – 2 मात्रा हर एक व्यंजन पर लिखकर सिखाया जाता हेै ।
  • दो मात्रा (अ,आ) दोनो एक साथ लिखकर सिखाया जाता हेै
  • क्र + अ :- क
  • क्र + आ :- का

UKG Rhymes 2022

Few rhymes which will be taught in KG-2 are given below:

UKG Rhymes 1

Rabbits, Rabbits (1, 2, 3)

Will you come and play with me?

Camels, Camels 4, 5, 6

Why do you have a hump like this?

Monkeys, Monkeys 7, 8, 9

Will you teach me how to climb?

When I’ve counted up to 10

The elephant says, now start again.

Rhyme 2

ALL ABOUT ME This is my head

This is the circle, that is my head,

(make a large circle with both hands) This is my mouth, with which words are said.

(point to mouth)

These are eyes, with which I see,

(point to eyes)

This is my nose; that’s a part of me.

(point to nose)

This is the hair, that grows on my head,

(point to hair)

And this is my hat, all pretty and red.

(place hands on head, fingers pointing up and touching)

Rhyme 3:

Thank You God

Thank you God,

For the world so sweet.

Thank you God,

For the food we eat.

Thank you God,

For the birds that sing. Thank you God,

For everything.


Rhyme 4:

The Peapod

Five little peas,

In a peapod pressed

One grew, two grew,

And so did all the rest.

They grew, and grew,

And did not stop,

Until one day the peapod popped.

Rhyme 5:

Little Me

Eight big fingers standing up tall,

Two little ears to hear his call,

One little nose that I can blow, Ten little toes all in a row.

Two short thumbs that wriggle up and down,

Two little feet to stand on the ground,

Hands to clap and eyes to see, Oh, what fun just to be me!

Important FAQ's About UKG Syllabus

Q1. What do children learn with UKG Syllabus? 

Ans. The upper kindergarten (UKG) syllabus is structured for learning and development. Children learn to read and write using creative methods. Their vocabulary develops, and they learn basic math. Teachers may use a more particular method depending on the child.

Q2. What is the purpose of the UKG Syllabus?

Ans. The primary purpose of the UKG Class Syllabus is to help preschoolers learn social behaviour, natural learning behaviour, etc.

Q3. What should a UKG student learn?

Ans. 1) A UKG student should know reading words and sentences aloud.

2) Children should interact in social conversations.

3) Children must use genie board, flashcards, oral interaction, written work, worksheets, storytelling, and enactment to explore their creativity.

4) Revision of the English language basics.

Q4. Who will publish the UKG Syllabus?

Ans. In India, all boards have the authority to publish their own syllabus. CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge board, and state boards are the four major boards in India that publish these curriculums.

Q5. UKG Syllabus 2023 announced for which terms?

Ans. CBSE has announced the Upper Kindergarten subject-wise latest syllabus 2022 with the annual planner for Term-1, Term-2 all assessments to the academic year of 2022.

For any query regarding UKG Syllabus, you can feel free to message us in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.

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